About Us


Kuang Suo LTD., a Zipper manufacturer based in Taiwan, has been established since 1990. 

Our company specializes in the variable ZIPPERS and OUTDOOR used zipper products. 

There are also a variety of functional zippers:

1. Waterproof zipper, Water-repellent zipper.

2. Flame Retardant zipper, Fire-resistant zippers.

3. Weldable zippers: Nylon #3 #5 #7, Delrin (Plastic) #5.

4. Reflective waterproof zipper: Nylon #5 #7, Delrin (Plastic) #5.

Our production and development experience spans more than decades and is worthy of your trust.

Our company provides “High quality”, “Creative products” and the “BEST service” to the customers.